Dumpster Rental Guide for Consumers

8021659_ca7c1e29c1_oThere are numerous reasons why people rent dumpsters. However, most individuals contact dumpster rental companies after major renovation projects. Some locals also rent dumpsters in the spring when they clean their homes. When needed, dumpster rental long island has Junk Raps, a company that carries dumpsters of all sizes and offers carting services.

When homeowners renovate different rooms, a lot of garbage usually generates inside and outside of the home. A dumpster is a great solution during a renovation project because it keeps all of the trash in one convenient location.

In the spring, many people find tons of trash in their attic and basement. In most cases, a typical trashcan cannot hold all of the waste; this is why many locals in Long Island rent dumpsters on spring cleaning day.

Although a dumpster rental manages waste, homeowners should not toss all trash into the bin. Soda cans must be recycled because aluminum is a recyclable material. Plastic bottles must be recycled too; the Container Recycling Institute reported that 80 percent of plastic bottles travel to landfills every year. This is a big problem because manufacturers use far less energy when they make new products out of recycled resources.

If you plan to use a dumpster for a few days, you must implement a few procedures to keep animals away. A temporary fence is a good solution if your neighborhood has various stray dogs or wild raccoons. If you cannot place a fence on your property, you can use netting instead. A good mesh cover will keep pests out of the dumpster throughout the day and night. However, if your area has aggressive pests, you should secure the netting to the ground with a few bricks or concrete blocks. You can also prevent most pest problems by requesting a dumpster that has a secured lid.

There are certain items that you should never toss in a dumpster, 61187303_d2317fdd10_osuch as CFL bulbs, automotive fluids, and paints.

CFL bulbs contain mercury, so they must be recycled. Most big home improvement stores have recycling programs for CFL light bulbs.

Many automotive maintenance products are very toxic; this is why you must always recycle engine oils and wiper fluid. To learn how to recycle your automotive waste, contact the nearest hazardous waste facility in your local area.

Paints, stains, and varnishes also have dangerous toxics, so you must recycle these products as well.

Overall, dumpster rentals are quite helpful because they help locals organize their waste. However, if certain items or materials can be recycled, you must implement the proper procedures to help the environment.